Week 1 Leadership Styles & Diverse Teams

Week 1 Leadership Styles & Diverse Teams

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Leadership Styles and Diverse Teams Leadership styles for managing teams within organizations are all based on the aspects of an individual’s skills and behaviors in dealing with issues, people, resources, and time.

The skills and habits determine how the person handles each situation and how they respond to issues involving coworkers and members of their team. “Effective leaders are able to adapt their style of leadership to suit the prevailing circumstances” (Burke & Barron 2014, p. 81).

Leadership styles fit into distinct categories; however, the discussion will center on the democratic leadership style and management strategy needed to lead a diverse team.

The discussion will also examine the specific traits and characteristics of a democratic style leader who is best to lead a diverse team.

The discussion will include a review of the factors and issues that influence this leadership style, and how the factors help identify and categorize the specifics on how this leadership style uses his or her negotiation and mitigation skills to manage the team and the project.

Finally, the discussion will examine how the democratic leadership style helps mitigate conflict on a diverse project team.

Leadership Styles An effective team leadership style consists of a variety of traits and characteristics. The democratic leadership style concentrates on all three responsibilities that lead to success.

“It is important to note that the leader must attend to all three of the task, team and individual responsibilities but can focus on each one at different times in order to deal with specific needs” (Burke & Barron, 2014, p. 86).

The democratic style leader draws people to them us………………..

Week 1 Leadership Styles & Diverse Teams

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