Week 2 Annotated Bibliography Hydraulic Fracturing

Week 2 Annotated Bibliography Hydraulic Fracturing

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Annotated Bibliography Basker, E. (2007, Summer). The Causes and Consequences of Wal-Mart’s Growth. Journal of Economic Perspectives, 21 (3), 177-198. Retrieved from sid=6cb35325-b3f6-4087-8d97-2620d3bc9034%40sessionmgr4001&vid=2&hid=4108 This article examines how Wal-Mart affects the economy through sales, labor markets, product sales, consumer pricing, and its early adoption of information technology. It also points out how Wal-Mart surpassed the combined sales of the three largest retailers. It also discusses the effect of local and state policies on the company. Bassett, L. (2014, Oct 8). Susan G. Komen Partners With Fracking Firm, Despite Possible Cancer Links. Retrieved from This article discusses the Susan G. Komen partnering with the company Baker Hughes which deals with the use of hydraulics. Many people were skeptical of this new partnership because of their link in contributing to cancer. The cause of this was determined by researchers’ who found that the hydraulic fracturing process includes chemicals that increase cancer rates through oil and gas deve…………

Develop Your Research QuestionNow try out your topic ideas below using the information you brainstormed. Try out several variations of your topic idea to see how it could be improved or amended. Research Question Development TableThe table will expand as you enter content into the columns.BROADTOPICRESTRICTEDTOPICNARROWEDTOPICRESEARCH QUESTIONLiteracy developmentPromoting the literacy development of toddlers and preschoolersDeveloping and using early literacy learning standardsWhat is known about the importance of early literacy development?Literacy developmentLanguage-rich environments The early literacy focus of effective curriculumWhat is needed to support young children’s language and literacy development?Literacy developmentEarly literacy outcomesAccountability and assessmentWhat did my work, as an educator of early literacy, reveal about what needs to be done toimprove federal efforts? Literacy developmentResponsive teachingTeacher education and professional developmentHow can we improve existing early childhood programs to better support early literacy development? Research Question:Of the possible research questions you came up with above, which question are you planning to use for your annotated bibliography?

Week 2 Annotated Bibliography Hydraulic Fracturing

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