Week 2 Team assignment Police Report

Week 2 Team assignment Police Report

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Resources: Minnesota v. Riff court case documents (which is preferred), or a similar court case’s documents that you and your teammates have access to. This case must be as complex as Minnesota v. Riff and must be approved by your instructor.

The Minnesota v. Riff court case is posted in the Learning Team forums. You can search of the Internet for a similar court case. You may do a general Internet search, or you may search the following sites:

o United States Supreme Court, located at
o Case Law, located at
o FindLaw, located at

Write an arrest-and-incident police report using the specified guidelines and parameters for report writing as outlined in the assigned readings and the provided police forms.

o Assume the role of the investigating officer.
o The report must be factual, accurate, objective, and complete.
o Ensure the police report is as long as necessary, concise, clear, and mechanically correct.


Police Officers play a crucial role in the everyday operations within Law enforcement, writing reports is just one of the things they do and maybe one of the least recognized and rewarded things. Police reports are not only critical to document all of the cases that an officer encounters but it also helps to maintain a sense of honesty on the part of the officer. Many times police reports are subpoenaed to court, and if it was not for the commitment to detail and accuracy this information would not be able to be used successfully in court. Let us review a popular case and the reports that were written in reference to it. Police Report Police Arrest/Incident Report Incident Type: Burglary
Police Report 3 Incident Date: Saturday, July 30, 2011 Time: Approximately 12:30 am Address: Marquette’s Market- Corner of Main and First Street Officer Name: Officer Terry Shields, Minnesota Police Department Offender/Suspect: Ronald Riff Victim: Speedy Marquette (Store Owner) Witnesses: Marty Martini, Melvin Strongarm, Rusty Fender, Otis Ripple, Soapy Waters, Betty Biddy, C. Sharp, and Guido Concertino Report Details: On Saturday morning of July 30, 2011 at 12:30 a.m., I was notified of a possible burglary and dispatched by the desk Sergeant on duty to investigate at Marquette’s Market located off Main and First Street in Midtown Minnesota. At the time I arrived at the scene I first noticed the back door of the market had been destroyed with what appeared to be a heavy blunt object. I continued with my investigation and proceeded on to the cash register, the register also had been damaged with what appeared to be the same heavy blunt object. The context of the register was $7.83 in coins, and two checks for the amount of $10.00 and the other was for $5.80. During interviewing the market owner Speedy Marquette, he stated the alleged burglary could have happened between 12:00am-12:25am. Speedy Marquette stated the money that was taken could have been placed in a light brown cloth bag labeled “Midtown State Bank”. Speedy Marquette also stated there were $910.00 in different dominations and a Canadian five dollar bill that was taken during the alleged burglary. It included $905.00 and a Canadian five dollar bill. When speaking to Marty Martini’s, who is a witness, stated Ronald Riff had entered the Red Pleasure Palace at about 8:00pm. According to Martini, Ronald Riff’s winnings totaled $150-$200.00 dollars. Witness Melvin Strongarm indicated Ronald Riff had won a couple of poker hands, however, the pots were not very large. Mr. Strongarm further indicated he recalls seeing a Canadian who was playing poker but at the time Ronald Riff was not playing at that time. Mr. Strongarm also indicated Ronald Riff had been losing the last hour of his playing. The suspect Ronald Riff left poker game at ab

Week 2 Team assignment Police Report

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