Week 2 Team Assignment Work Breakdown Structure

Week 2 Team Assignment Work Breakdown Structure Sales Increase and Hiring Initiative

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Work Breakdown Structure: Sales Increase and Hiring Initiative (SIHI)

The biggest challenges for to the Sales Increase and Hiring Initiative (SII) is the support needed for the current employees and the organization. The various steps needed to increase sales and hire additional employees will require the use of various resources that might be in use in other places, and the development of a process that can be understood, along with a strategy that quickly translates into manageable tasks with rewards and incentives for success.

Upon evaluation of the plan and process, and current practices, the Project Manager (PM) has prioritized the following: 1. Create a vision for the Sales Increase Initiative (SII) including project scope that will educate employees on the benefits of increasing sales. 2.

Create a plan for hiring additional employees as part of the sales staff over the next year. 3. Research overall organizational opportunities to improve sales that rewards employees. 4. Deliver a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) that divides tasks into a logical format that is easily executed by the team to increase productivity and hire additional employees.

Project Scope The scope of this project is to increase sales at OLLO by 30% over the next two years and grow internal staff by 15% over the next year.

As seen in the work breakdown structure, the project leader would accomplish this by the: promotion of a sales program with the current customer base, implementation of a new customer contact process, initiation of a new hiring program, and an announcement of a new incentive program for employees.

The scope of this project is restricted to offices at OLLO locations (domestic only) and does not include external activities outside of the mail-order services that OLLO provides. Strategy and Research Process

There are many different research techniques that a project leader would use to conduct relevant research to develop the work breakdown structure.

The project manager must review the mission of the project, in this case, to increase sales by 30% in the next two years and to increase internal staff by 15% in a yea………………………..

Week 2 Team Assignment Work Breakdown Structure Sales Increase and Hiring Initiative

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