Week 2 Team Project Organizational Chart

Week 2 Team Project Organizational Chart

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Project Organizational Chart

The project lead must use his or her leadership abilities to establish a clear and identifiable path for each member of the team to ensure the roles and responsibilities are easily recognized and understood.

“Project leadership is a process by which a project manager can direct, guide and influence the behavior of the project team and participants towards accomplishing the project objectives” (Burke & Barron, 2014, p. 99).

The project lead’s role is to harness the power of the team and create a collective and forward thinking vision that outlines the project plan, while providing the information needed to make decisions about staffing the team and creating a strategy to ensure project success.

The discussion will focus on the Project Organization Chart hierarchy and the skills needed for each position along with several interview questions that will be used as part of the hiring process.

The discussion will also include a review of how the project lead plans to use the interview questions to help choose the most qualified employees and how the project manager will “develop a project organization structure that reflects the needs of the client (business case), the needs of the project (project charter), the needs of the project team members (team charter) and, just as importantly, the needs of the stakeholders” (Burke & Barron, 2014, p. 53).

Project Lead Text placeholder Organizational Chart Text placeholder “The organizational environment within which the project takes place. The organization structure defines the reporting and decision-making hierarchy of an organization and how project management operates within it” (Burke & Barron, 2014, p. 357).

Staffing Strategy The project team is a vital part of project success. Therefore, the project leader needs a smart strategy when making staffing decisions for his or her project team. This strategy needs t…………..

Week 2 Team Project Organizational Chart

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