Week 2 The Judgement a Play of Accusations Against Socrates

Week 2 The Judgement a Play of Accusations Against Socrates

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Prologue [Socrates and Plato enter from the central door outside of the court] Plato Socrates, is your defense ready? Are you confident? Socrates As ready as I will ever be. Plato my good friend you know I can outwit a fox, this hippodrome of a court room will be soft clay in my hands. Plato If only that retched play had not been shown at Festival! If only we had not been defeated by Sparta! Socrates Calm you self, there is no need to become red-faced with anger. It would appear that the Athenians need a scapegoat. Since I am here trying to find logic, it is the easiest person to bring to trial. Plato Preparation is key. I hope you are prepared for this old friend. That Sophist appointed magistrate must not be deaf! Exit into the courtroom Enters the Chorus Scene 1 Chorus (Whispers can be heard) Here comes Socrates now. I wonder if he can talk himself out this one! It will be hard for him to extinguish the memory of all that has been seen and expressed. Judge Socrates, under the rule of gods, you are on trial, if found guilty you will be sentenced to death, for the crime of disrespecting the state god and corrupting the youth of Athens Socrates (Condescendingly spoken) What I am being accused of is false. Lies from corrupt society of snobs. These are fabrications of you not being able to accept rational thinking. The sun rises because the earth rotates around the sun. Apollo does not bring up the sun or put it to rest every day. That is a ludicrous tho

Week 2 The Judgement a Play of Accusations Against Socrates
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