Week 3 DQ 2 Engineering Our Future

Week 3 DQ 2 Engineering Our Future

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A kind of genetic engineering happens in nature, with naturally occurring mutations and the dominance of certain strains. What is different about today’s processes? What makes them potentially dangerous? What should we consider natural and what is artificial?

Genetically modified food is a hot topic. Most of us don’t know much about biology. It is very important in this question that you actually understand what is meant. Don’t assume you know, find scholarly information on line. Be clear. You often hear the term “natural” bandied about, it’s a really big marketing slogan for sure, but most of us have given little thought to what it means and the assumptions and implications involved in its use. We need facts and data, thoughtful arguments. You’ll need some idea about what genes and genetics are. It is also helpful to get some facts on how genetic

modifications in foods are used. – the purpose of genetic modifications. You’ll find a lot of material on line about this topic. But you need to select your sources carefully. Genetics is probably the single most important concept in biology today.

Week 3 DQ 2 Engineering Our Future

NSG3036 W2 Project

Research Template Name

Cite both articles reviewed in APA style:

***In the template, any direct quotes from the articles needs to only include the page number.

Week 2 Template

Quantitative Article

Qualitative Article

Summarize the two assigned articles. In a paragraph, describe in your own words what the study was about and what the researchers found.

Identify and describe the problem for each article

Identified the purpose statement for each article

Identified hypothesis and/or research questions depending on the methodology used in the articles.

After analyzing, discuss

each article’s significance to nursing practice.

Identify two details to support the study being quantitative or qualitative

Released in December of 2008 from the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) were findings that 38% of adults use CAM [complementary and alternative medical] health care modalities.

Construct a professional paper that outlines how the use of the following CAM health care modalities impacts the cardiovascular system.




4.St. John’s Wort

For each of the modalities the discussion must include:

1.effect on the cardiovascular system

2.anticipated benefits

3.any identified risks or adverse effects

4.relative patient education

5.supporting reference from scholarly literature.


•Prepare and submit a minimum of a 6 page paper pages [excluding title and reference pages].

•Format consistent with APA style without an abstract page.

•Answer all the questions above.

•Please review the rubric to ensure that your assignment meets criteria.

•Submit the following documents to the Submit Assignments/Assessments area: ◦Assignment: Cardiac Impact

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