Week 4 Bad News Email

Week 4 Bad News Email

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I was writing to respond to your request received in response to my email introducing the “Sales Increase and Hiring Initiative (SIHI).” The program is designed to increase sales at OLLO by 30% over the next two years and grow internal staff by 15% over the next year. Two of your request are issues we need to discuss and identify a solution. First, your request for daily updates on project finances needs clarification so we can identify a solution. The other issue is your department declining to provide a matrixed individual to the project. Project teams communicate using all types of communications as part of a project. Managers use several types of communications when delivering news to the team and the stakeholde………….

Week 4 Discussion Delivering Bad News Please respond to the following: Consider the methods discussed inChapter 7: Delivering Bad-News Messages in BCOM7 (pages 110-128). Armed with this knowledge, make a recommendation for which method (inductive or deductive) is the best way to deliver bad-news. Defend your answer. Locate a bad-news message somewhere on the Internet and share a link here. Discuss which method (inductive or deductive) it most closely resembles and explain why the author chose that method to deliver the bad-news. What change(s) would you make if you were required to deliver the same message to someone else?

Week 4 Bad News Email

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