Week 5 DQ 1 Legal Rights of Inmates

Week 5 DQ 1 Legal Rights of Inmates

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Choose one of the legal rights of inmates listed in Chapter 14 of the text, Corrections: An Introduction. Compare and contrast that right to people in society whom are not incarcerated. Do you agree that inmates should have the right you have chosen to examine? Why?

Only in America will you find that Americans are treated better in prison then when compared to the rest of the world’s prison system. I find it interesting that prisoners are protectedby the same laws that were disobeyed once by the offending. According to our textbook, “prisoners lack the choices and mobility of free people. Thus, they need legal safeguards in areas that are not typically a problem for free people. In applying the technologies of corrections to individual offenders, the rights afforded free people come into play. Essentially prisoners retain the rights of free citizens except those expressly curtailed by law or those restricted due to the nature of confinement” (Stojkovic & Lovell, 2013).Some differences exhibited between balancing the constitutional rights of prisoners, and the functions of the jail or prison include always keeping in mind that inmates have more power to get CO’s into serious trouble if any of their rights have been denied. It can be difficult to balance the constitutional rights of prisoners with the functions of the jail

Week 5 DQ 1 Legal Rights of Inmates

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