Week 5 DQ 2 Future of Juvenile Justice

Week 5 DQ 2 Future of Juvenile Justice

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Discuss the future of juvenile justice in America. Will there be a dramatic increase in juvenile crime due to the projected increase in juvenile males in the next decade? How do factors such as technology, economic downturns and decreasing school and governmental budgets affect juvenile justice and the safety of the public? Your initial post should be at least 250 words in length. Support your claims with examples from required material(s) and/or other scholarly resources, and properly cite any references. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts by Day 7.

Future of the Juvenile Justice System

Juvenile justice is something of an issue that has been under much debate as years have demonstrated rises in crimes by juveniles. Because juveniles are becoming more involved in behavior that leads to them becoming delinquent the future of the juvenile justice system has been under concern. The legislature is requesting that a multijurisdictional team present on the possibilities of the juvenile justice system’s future.

The team is aware that there are several key areas that must be taken into consideration for this proposal. These areas include the community, law enforcement, court systems, corrections, private sectors and privatization involvement, as well as offer justification forthe system and funding based on history, trends, and causation theories.

CommunityThe community plays an important role in juvenile delinquency prevention and rehabilitation. Community members and leaders can affect change in the futures of local juveniles by increasing their awareness and involvement in juvenile delinquency prevention.

Connecticut’s strategic plan states that the best and only acceptable approach to juvenile delinquency is prevention. As part of the strategic plan Connecticut held meetings with the community known as Community Listening Sessions, in which more than 450 members of the community gathered to provide input on strategy and concerns. Parents, business owners, teachers, and other community members are the best defense for youth.

The formation of Community Listening Sessions as demonstrated in Connecticut’s strategic plan, are an ideal step to improving methods of juvenile delinquency prevention (State of Connecticut, 2006). Those closest to the juveniles in a community are most knowledgeable about ways to assist them. Suggestions include after-school programs, community youth centers, and clubs focused on mentoring youth (Jones, 2006).

Law enforcementLaw enforcement is often the first point of contact for juveniles participating in delinquent behavior. Different procedures and standards are in place in law enforcement agencies throughout the United States.

Currently there is no standard practice for dealing with juveniles that have broken the law. The outcome of an interaction with a juvenile will be different depending upon the agency and officer that the youth encounters. As a result of the varying outcomes, racial disparities occur in the court system and in the number of minorities in detention and juvenile correction facilities. To improve the consistency and outcome of future encounters agencies require a more standardized method of dealing with juvenile delinquency.

This standardization can occur through procedures, training, and department structure. Diversity training can help to reduce racial disparity, procedures can assist in a more consistent use of disc

Week 5 DQ 2 Future of Juvenile Justice

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