Week 5 DQ 2 Technology and Globalization

Week 5 DQ 2 Technology and Globalization

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Many experts assert that globalization has essentially made us less independent and more closely connected to other people than ever before. This enhanced connectivity has important implications for individuals, small businesses, corporations, and governments. Thomas Friedman has been a strong supporter of globalization and emphasizes the benefits of globalization’s technologies and outcomes. Do you agree with his view? Why or why not? What are some of the challenges experienced by governments that are associated with globalization? What are some of the challenges experienced by individuals?

Globalization is a complex technology that is dominated by the principle of reducing trade barriers between countries and stabilizing currency exchange and developing consistent business laws between countries. The US government was the primary supporter of this concept. What do the results show? American’s like to think of themselves as free and independent individualities, free to make our own decisions. Yet how can that be when a war in one part of the world can double the price of gasoline or when wealthy foreign countries stop buying our bonds, jobs are outsourced or

Week 5 DQ 2 Technology and Globalization

How are these depictions of the work place influence your life?,

2 What do you expect the workplace will be like in the future?

Discovering Computers & Microsoft Office 2013: A Fundamental Combined Approach, 1st Enhanced Edition Author: Misty E. Vermaat ISBN: 978-1305409033 Publisher: Cengage Learning (2016)

Topic: Describe the characteristics and usesof smartphones, digital cameras, portable media players, and e-book readers.

Write a 250-300 word paper using APA Format.
Use at least THREE references
References must not be less than FIVE years.

Share a case study from your clinical practice or from the literature on an endocrine disorder. Discuss the pathophysiology of the disorder, including the effects on the endocrine feedback system, and the role of the hypothalamic-pituitary axis. Identify the pharmacologic agent(s) used to treat the disorder and how the pharmacologic agent(s) alters the pathophysiology.

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