Week 5 Individual Assignment Motivation Plan Paper

Week 5 Individual Assignment Motivation Plan Paper

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Use the DiSC assessment results from your Learning Team members.

Interview your mentor to gather information about your mentor’s organization, the department your mentor works in, and his or her job description.

Write a plan that may be applied to your mentor’s department and that would increase your Learning Team members’ motivation, satisfaction, and performance based on their personal profiles, as if they were employees of that department.

Required Elements:

No more than 1400 words
Analyze specific differences in attitudes, emotions, personalities, and values among your Learning Team members, and address how each difference might be used to positively influence ehaviour.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Motivation Plan “One of the biggest challenges many managers face is knowing how to cultivate an engaged, highly motivated workforce. The key is for the manager to create an environment and culture that brings out the best in each. One management approach that worked excellently with one person may yield a different response from someone else” [ CITATION NA15 \l 1033 ]. We will create a Motivation plan for employees of a health center under the direction of Mrs. Susie Smith, MPA. “One of the most useful applications of the Style Card technique is in describing a person’s motivators (and, correspondingly, their demotivators). This can help managers to adapt their style and approach to a particular individual. In a more concrete sense, this information can also be useful in motivating an individual to choose a particular course of action” [ CITATION NA11 \l 1033 ]. Using the DISC assessment, we will analyze team member motivation, satisfaction and performance based on the individual assessment outcome and the strategies used by Susie Smith, Director. Jane Doe and Julie House are both described as “The Impresser” and both are predominantly an interactive style. According to the DISC assessment, the biggest motivator for the Impresser is to win with flair. Jane and Julia are more m

Week 5 Individual Assignment Motivation Plan Paper

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