Week 5 Individual Assignment The Influences of the Ancient World

Week 5 Individual Assignment The Influences of the Ancient World

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Early on in the semester we quickly learned how the influences of the world affect the outcome of some of the stories created by the authors in our weekly readings. From Hemingway and the other authors of the lost generation, and how World War I had a great affect on their stories and the characters depicted in them. Recently we read the stories of Anna Akhmatova and Anna Karenina.

In their stories we saw how their individual time period, their society, and government had an impacted on the characters and how it even impacted the author of the story itself. Anna Akhmatova’s Requiem is one of the better examples of the works read in this class during the semester so far that captures, in one’s subjective opinion, the world and time period in which the author lived.

The story begins with the narrator telling the reader of the situation she finds herself in at that moment in her life. She explains how life was under Joseph Stalin during that period and being under the control of a police official named Yezhov. She tells us how one has to be careful with what they say and explains the whispers through

Week 5 Individual Assignment The Influences of the Ancient World

Interprofessional Teams: Ethics and the Law After reading the Robichaux article found here,, answer the following while considering an experience you have had (or might come across) when working with an interprofessional team: •Identify your experience and discuss a real or potential ethical and legal aspect of the case which involved working collaboratively with health care professionals who were not nurses.

•Provide strategies that might have changed the outcome. Use Rest’s Four Component Model.,

•Identify legal aspects that should have been considered in this situation.,

Must be at least 150 words, and one APA formatted reference, throughout the discussion post and at the end.

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