Week 5 Integrated Change Management

Week 5 Integrated Change Management

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Integrated Change Management

1. Reflect on any significant changes you have experienced during your projects.

One of the biggest changes for me involved moving from a development driven to a customer driven approach delivery sequence. The change took some work to implement, working with each of the major developers, and each of the teams on the program to ensure their portion of the delivery was ready for the change.

Reworking all the steps leading up to the deliveries needed a lot of work, and involving the customer, helped the development team understand the importance of the change.

The customer helped each of the developers bring a better product and helped better identify the needs of the customer, and the change to the system. a. How did these changes make you feel? Were you apprehensive or confident? I think the biggest issue was realizing “projects involve change, and resistance to change is inherent in project work” (Burke & Barron, 2014, p. 129).

Working with the customer was right in my wheelhouse so to speak. Before joining the development team, I was a customer (system user) and joining the systems integration team allowed me to bring a unique perspective to the team.

Working in this capacity before joining the team helped me not only understand the development phase of each project but helped me understand the needs of the customer. Initiating the change brought me to the forefront of project management where the organization expected me to manage the project for the entire program.

b. Do you think your needs, as someone involved in the change process, were being addressed and satisfied? On reflection, what do you think were your needs? If they were not met sufficiently, what do you think could have been done?

The change in the process brought more focus on the user’s needs and allowed the development team to concentrate on the system and the changes the user requested.

The users needed a system that could do multiple things at once, and the old system had issues meeting those requirements.

The user’s needs were paramount in the change process, each phase of the change process was written with this in mind to make sure the change addressed the needs of the users in the overall process.

The users should have been involved in the planning stages as well, as this would have eliminated the need for additional meetings once the change process was underway.

Involving all the stakeholders was important. Bringing the stakeholders into the process early would have provided a benefit that was realized too late in the pro…………………

Week 5 Integrated Change Management

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