Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Implementing a Communication Plan

Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Implementing a Communication Plan

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Implementing a Communication Plan,

Case 3: Community Blood Center of Carolinas

In the week of Health Care Strategic Management; Team A, collectively dissected case study three to implement a communication plan. This paper will address the strategic informationto be communicated in the plan. Furthermore, this paper will engage the thoughts associated withthe challenges and barriers related to the change. Once that is considered; Team A will develop a communication plan to implement the change. Lastly, this paper will describe the methods and strategies to value and support the implementation of a communication plan.Change Initiatives
When implementing change, regardless of size, change initiatives or strategic information should be communicated consistently. Communicating the change initiative will assist in setting the expectations of the change and add a positive morale to the change initiative. Providing strategic information to the staff will empower the organization and aid in gaining the support needed to implement the change. The strategic information shared would be the reason the change is necessary, how the organization will be affected, and the expected outcome of the change. Challenges and BarriersInitiating change comes with challenges and barriers along the way in the form of regulations, laws, and mandates, board members, buy-in from employees and a lack of necessaryresources. RegulationsThe first executive director, Greg Ball, had two regulations: compliance and customer service. This required the blood bank to have the size and capacity to store the blood and have one to three blood drives a day (Swayne, Duncan, & Ginter, 2008, p. 483). As regulations change, staff must comply with new mandates put in place.Change in LawsOpening the new blood center requires all laws to be followed regarding collecting the blood, testing the blood, and blood storage. However, when laws change regarding blood centers,the facility will adjust accordingly to stay in compliance. Board Members
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IMPLEMENTING A COMMUNICATION PLAN3When initiating a new change, board members may not always be supportive. Since the hospital always used the same blood center, some may be unwilling to convert to a new blood center, even though it would have cost benefits for the hospital. The board members may disapprove of Vice President, Tom Hassett’s decision to use another blood center other than the center they have used for many years

Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Implementing a Communication Plan

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