Week 6 Individual Assignment Performance Reporting

Week 6 Individual Assignment Performance Reporting

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Create a performance reporting template for your project.

Write a brief opening statement in which you reiterate project deliverables and communicate changes. Emphasize the benefits of the project and the value of the stakeholders’ and management’s patience and support.

Create a Microsoft® Word document in which you specify upcoming events and items that require stakeholder or management attention. Present these items to encourage stakeholders and management to give attention to them.

Create a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet in which you track the budget, schedule, and milestone completion of the project.

Combine these elements into a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation suitable for use as a performance report for stakeholders and management. Include the following items in an appendix to the presentation: a project scope statement, a WBS, a project organization chart, a communication plan matrix, and a change management flowchart.

Explain, in no more than 700 words, the importance of the project leader’s attitude and leadership in reporting progress to stakeholders and senior management. Submit this separately from the performance report.

Current Status of Risks and Issues “Project Management Leadership focuses on key project management leadership principles and theories” (Burke & Barron, 2014, p. ix).

As the project manager, the important points of a project are to identify areas of the project that need attention and focus on improving the process. The Sales Increase and Hiring Initiative (SIHI) project is currently on schedule with the team anticipating authorization to proceed (ATP) to the next phase (planning) in the next couple of days.

The team members are also preparing to brief the stakeholders and management with information regarding the project and plan to include the briefing.

Each team member has been assigned an area of the project to work, and provide information for the project manager. a. Project Scope b. Organization Chart c. Communications Plan Matrix d. Goals/Objectives e. Upcoming Events f. Schedule g. WBS h. Budget i. Concerns & Issues j. Accomplishments
PERFORMANCE REPORT 5 Each team member has been assigned an area of the project to work, and provide information for the project manager to maintain a current picture of the project. Eac

Week 6 Individual Assignment Performance Reporting

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