What competencies were you able to develop

What competencies were you able to develop in researching and writing the Comprehensive Project due in Unit 5? How did you leverage feedback from your peers in the Discussion Board for Units 1- 4 in completing the Project? How will these competencies and knowledge support your career advancement in management?

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Primary Task Response:

Part I: Most of the systems that we have discussed this week have been independent and consistent systems. This means that the pair of lines intersects at one point so the system of equations has one solution. Do some research and discuss what is meant by a system that is EITHER inconsistent or dependent. Be sure to include in your response what each of these terms means in regards to graphs of the lines in addition to the behavior of the equations when you solve the system algebraically. Be sure to include the source that you used and to give an example of the system that you are describing.

select any current event .which level of government,federal or state,would you suggest has been the most influnetial for that issue?Explain.which branch of governemt has been most influential?which branch of government has reponsibility for checking and balancing the one that you have selescted?Explain.Has it been able to adequately perform that function?why/why not?

Political Science 155 PAPER DUE MARCH 10

Term Paper Format Page

Spring 2015


1. The paper should center around issues, events, or law pertaining to at least one branch of the federal government (Legislative, Executive, or Judicial).

Example 1: Topic: Gun Control Legislative Action: Brady Bill

Judicial Action: Ruled Brady Bill


Example 2 : Topic: Abortion Judicial Action: Roe v. Wade

Legislative Action: Limit Federal Money

For Abortions

Example 3: Topic: Segregation Judicial Action: Brown v. Board Of Ed.

Executive Action: Presidential Federalization

Of National Guard

Example 4: Topic: Watergate Executive Action: Refusing To Turn Over


Judicial Action: Ordering President To Turn

Over Tapes

Legislative Action: Considering Impeachment

2. Research: A minimum of three sources separate from the course texts should be

identified in a bibliography. The paper will be graded based on the amount

of information presented and its relevancy to the branches of the federal

government. Acceptable sources include books, periodicals, newspaper

articles, and internet sources. All sources must be listed in the bibliography.

3. Length: The Paper Should Be 3 Double Spaced Pages Of Text.

4. Possible Topics (students can select a topic not listed here)

-Impeachment -Social Security -Welfare -The Vietnam War

-The New Deal -Euthanasia -Terrorism -The Iraq War

-Stem Cell Research -Campaign Finance -Tobacco -Drug Laws

-Voting Rights -Rights Of The Accused -Political Parties

-Presidential Administrations -Supreme Court Justices -McCarthyism

-U.S. Missile Defense Systems -Gun Regulation -Affirmative Action

-Immigration -The War On Terrorism -Abortion

-Offshore Oil Drilling -Global Warming – The Afghanistan War -Health Care

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