Why is evaluation and control vital to an organization’s sustainability?

Why is evaluation and control vital to an organization’s sustainability?

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Evaluation and control are vital to an organization’s sustainability because it ensures that your company’s strategy is always working towards achieving the best desired results. Evaluation and control is the process by which actual performance results are compared with desired performance in order to make changes. Evaluation is the process of measuring performance data or variable outcomes to determine what can be changed or controlled to achieve optim……………..

Why is evaluation and control vital to an organization’s sustainability?

HCA 415: Community and Public Health,
Scenario #4: “Tropical cyclone and flooding”

The Scenario

Vermont typically is not known for hurricanes and tropical storms but things changed today as Hurricane

Bob made its way up the Atlantic Ocean and made its way through parts of New England. Hurricane Bob

came ashore the outer banks of Virginia as a Category 1 storm. Hurricane Bob has already caused

extensive damage to the island nations of the Caribbean. Meteorologists and other experts expected New

York City to receive most of the damage but it seems most of the damage may be more inland and

concentrated within the state of Vermont.

Hurricane Bob unleashed an endless amount of rain (approximately 11 inches of rain) in Vermont after

pounding the suburbs of upstate New York last night. Rivers have overflowed past their banks, washing

away roads, highways and bridges in every part of the state and leaving countless communities to fend for

themselves until help arrives. The Vermont Emergency Management agency has estimated more than 250

state roads (which amounts to every state road) has been closed. Many have been washed out by streams

or blocked off by runoff from hills and mountains. Millions are without electricity and flooding has

displaced thousands from their homes. There are reports of whole towns being swept away. It is unclear

the amount of damage caused but it is estimated to be in the billions. Early reports have the death toll at

approximately 40 with at least one hundred reported missing. Volunteers are pouring in from nearby

states but things are still chaotic in the aftermath of the storm. State and local resources are overwhelmed.

The U.S. president has declared this area a major disaster area, allowing federal aid to support local and

state efforts.

Your Review: What do you tell your public? Factor out the issues and follow protocol to formulate your

response to the discussion question and public service announcement.

Source of information: Diccolo, J. A., McWhirter, C., Steel, E. (2011). Irene’s flood prove deadly as water

continues to Rise. Retrieved from

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