Windshield survey Essay

Windshield survey Essay

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Caring for the Population
A Paper Presented in Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements of
NR 443 Community Health Nursing

Caring for the Population
The purpose of this paper is to provide subjective and objective data in the community of Warwick, N.Y., in order to assess its stability and health of the population. The data collected will be from direct observation while driving to gain better understanding and awareness to the resources accessible to this community.

Introduction to the Community
Warwick, New York is a beautiful village in a rural setting, approximately one hour from New York City. According to the U.S. Census Bureau 2012 the population is 6,731. This paper will provide an …show more content…
Farming communities are located within a few miles which employ Mexican migrant farm workers that can be observed working in the fields. Many political signs can be seen on lawns as Election Day draws closer.

Health Resources
A Community hospital is located at the northern tip of the community, along with assisted living/nursing home/rehabilitation located in the same area. There are many family medical doctors and dentists offices.

Environmental Conditions Related to Health
Sidewalks are located in the village, however no sidewalks are noted from the middle and high school. Many signs were noted on streets alerting drivers to yield to pedestrians. I noticed multiple sporting fields and 2 parks all very busy with children playing; this is where the public bathrooms are located.

Social Functioning
There are a variety of churches, and community center with current events posted outside for upcoming events and meetings. Children are being observed by their parents, teenagers gathering in groups and seniors doing their shopping.

Attitude toward Healthcare
There are 2 yoga centers advertising for improved mental health. At the hospital there was a posting for upcoming events such as: Breast cancer support group and an upcoming health fair.

Windshield survey Essay

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