Windshield Survey New Smyrna Beach

Windshield Survey New Smyrna Beach

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Beachside Community

Beachside is both a residential and commercial area. There are many shops, restaurants and bars on Flagler Avenue, which is the center of the community. The community is known as Beachside of New
Smyrna Beach.
Beachside is also an island surrounded by the
Halifax River and the Atlantic Ocean.


Most of the houses surrounding Flagler Avenue are older, built in the 1950’s.
There are several ocean front condominiums were built in 1970’s.
Due to the close proximity to the ocean, most houses and condos are well constructed using concrete. There is a diverse variety of home designs ranging from traditional to beach to modern.

Houses on or near the ocean are spacious and could accommodate more than one family. Beach houses are typically closer together and have smaller yards.
 Houses closer to the river were primarily designed as single family homes. These houses have bigger yards.
 Most of the houses are in good condition and are well maintained.

There are houses available for sale, but most are occupied.
 Vehicles are usually parked in driveways.
 There are streetlights, sidewalks, and curbs.
 Houses have gutters and open drainage ditches. 

Parks and Recreation
27th Avenue Park: located on the beach on
A1A. It is often visited by people who do not live in Beachside. It is open to the public and well kept by the city.
 This recreational area is frequently used by all races and ethnicities, including residents and tourists.

Parks and Recreation
Grayce Kenemer Barck North Beach Community
This park provides direct ocean access via a wooden walkover from the off beach parking areas. Amenities include: two covered pavilions with picnic tables as well as walkways that allow for exploration of the beautiful, natural beachfront property. Portable restrooms are on site along with open air showers.

Callalisa Park
Located along the South Causeway on Callalisa Creek, this park is more popular on the weekends. Fishing and picnic areas are available.

Parks and Recreation
Indian River Lagoon
Natural park which houses lots of wildlife. It borders the
Indian River and has several scenic trails. Amenities: pavilion with picnic tables and restroom facilities. There are also two docks; one that looks over the estuaries to the Indian River and one floating dock which offers a view of Browns Bay. Along the marked Volusia County
River Trail is an area for canoes and kayaks to launch.

Parks and Recreation
Detwiler Park
Located at Oakwood Ave. and Horton St. midway between Flagler Ave. and Third Ave. in the central beachside area.
Park facilities include five illuminated tennis courts
(no reservations required), lighted basketball court, restroom facilities, and a playground. 

Open Spaces
Throughout Beachside there are several conservation areas, including the Canaveral
National Seashore, the largest estuary in North
America. These areas are lush and green, with natural landscaping including bushes and sand dunes.  Open spaces are open to the public and are frequently enjoyed by both residents and tourists of all races and ethnicities.
 Areas are well maintained by the city and are kept clean and free of litter. There are not abandoned vehicles. 


On Flagler Avenue there are many little boutiques, restaurants, and galleries which thrive from tourists. Bars advertise beers in their windows. I have seen Marlboro cigarette advertising at a gas station. There are no ethnic stores in Beachside and all signs are written in English.

On the other parts of
Beachside Island is Publix, which is the main grocery store. Publix is part of a shopping center with restaurants, UPS, department stores, fishing

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