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World Connect Language Services

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Project description
he first part of the assignment consist of writing a 125 word essay Persuasive email, Based on the following below….
Your new company World Connect Language Services started well and is going strong. However to expand beyond your Memphis Tennessee home market , you need a onetime infusion of cash to open branch offices in other cities around the Southeast to the Entrepreneur Lunch forum you attended yesterday, you learned about several angels , as they are called into the investment community – provide individuals who invest money in email companies in exchange for a share of owner. One such angel , Melinda Sparks told the audience that she is looking for investment opportunity outside of high technology, where angels often invest their money , She looks for entrepreurs who know their market and industries well and who are passionate about the value they bring to the marketplace , who are committed, and have a solid plan for how they will spend an investors money. Fortunately you meet all of her criteria.

The Task..
Draft an email message to Sparks introducing yourself and your business and your business and asking for a meeting at which you can present your business plan in more detail. Explain that you Memphis office was booked to capacity within months of opening , thanks to a growing number of international businesses professional looking for translators and entrepreneurs. You have research the entire Southeast region and identified at least 10 other cities that could support a language service office such as yours. Making up whatever other information you need , draft a message following the AIDA method , ending with a request for a meeting within the next four weeks.

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