You have been asked to develop a new E-Business Plan

You have been asked to develop a new E-Business Plan for a local company that seeks to offer its products for sale online. The retail company can be your choice of either a hypothetical example or an existing company.

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The document should be in the following format using Microsoft Word:

E-Business Plan

Title page

Course number and name

Project name

Your name


Table of contents (TOC)

Use auto-generated TOC

Be sure to update the fields of the TOC before submitting your project.

Section headings (Create each heading on a new page with “TBD” as the content, except for sections listed under new content below.)

Describe your case study business, including the product or service that it is selling online.

Describe the offline marketing methods that are currently used.

Describe the proposed online marketing methods and justify each method.

Describe how the case study business will integrate marketing methods.

Create a 9- to 12-slide Microsoft ® PowerPoint ® presentation addressing the following situation and requirements based on Topics 1 and 2 in the learning team discussion, making sure all points in the requirements section are covered.

Topic 1: Discuss the general functions, benefits, business value, and practical uses of Microsoft ® PowerPoint ® .

Topic 2: Discuss how tables, SmartArt, charts, transitions, and animations can improve a PowerPoint ® presentation. Scenario:

You have convinced your new employer to adopt Microsoft ® Word and as a result, the company has purchased the Microsoft Office suite, which includes Microsoft ® PowerPoint ® .

The organization would like to understand some of the benefits and functionalities of Microsoft ® PowerPoint ® , as well as how it can be used to increase productivity.

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